Our brand

XYZbag is an Italian creative brand inspired by the novelty of 3d printing innovative technologies and the revolutionary digital craft manufacturing.

XYZbag seeks to create a new SELF DESIGN AND SELF EXPRESSION FASHION 3D bags by revisiting the new tools to personalize a fashion product.

Our goal is to get one style for each one of you. A wish comes true, inspired by creative visionaries.

We explore the world of digital production to create a new paradigm of 3D bags manufacturing with the aim to adapt all differences between individuals.

We want to meet your specific needs and materialize them into a highly personalized product.

We constantly research new technologies to achieve the maximum of customization. The real uniqueness. To design your personalized 3D bag.


We met in a rainy day.
We are passionate. Passionate of bags and technology too.
We dream a world where bags could become more than a bag.
If you can surprise yourself by giving something about you to a product you’ll love it more.

For you, by you.
For better digital handcraft experience ever for every day!

Annalisa & Matteo

“When I started my dream in May 2000, I was insanely in love with my lovebird friends: handbags.

Always involved in design and technologies for plastic products, I was looking for new ways to communicate. To share my thoughts in a new medium, and above all,
I was looking for a way to have fun. 
I always consider bags my partners in everyday life.

Bags are much more than objects of desire.”

CEO & Co-founder