We create unique bags.

XYZBAG creates fine premium products
that delightfully combine style and craftsmanship, and offer a lifestyle upgrade to innovative luxury.

Mathematics generating inspiration.

Cell collection becomes an innovative 3d bag, a masterpiece drawing inspiration from nature, technology and art.
Inspiration from nature in the design process is a very widely used process.
Voronoi diagrams emerge at different scales in nature’s cell structures.
The Voronoi diagram is a mathematical formula used in many scientific fields.
It deals with a system that divides the space into sub-spaces in an organic way.
The diagram uses points to create cells that surround these points.

Technology and creativity.

Technological innovation becomes a tool to shape imagination, creating amazing combinations of shapes and colours.
Every person is unique, so all our products are unique.
Each of our 3d printed bag come out from a digital code.
This digital code is digital designed.
And a unique ID is assigned by XYZBAG to each code.

The future just happened.

A project that aims to design an innovative design case, impossible to reproduce by traditional technologies.
Make a statement, showcase your style and celebrate your uniqueness..



Sartorial & unique

We create your tech 3d bag

The best handbag you can use is the
one that wears your sign and soul.
Your personalized 3d bag will do.