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XYZBAG signed a new special artwork inspired to Sabrina Rocca’s new solo “Go Goals Together” exhibition,
clearly referring to the action programme endorsed in September 2015 by the UN Member States.
The United Nations Headquarters (Delegates’ Entrance) is the venue for Sabrina Rocca’s new solo exhibition.
This follows the success of the Italian artist’s 2021 exhibition on the UN Campus in Turin (Italy);
subject: the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
17 interconnected objectives, defined in the UN’s 2030 Agenda as a strategy
“to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”.

Sabrina Rocca’s inspiring images

Sabrina Rocca’s paintings are so inspiring images, many of which connect to the world of childhood and its innocence of expression.
They convey messages in praise of a society that is
responsible, fair, peaceful and inclusive;
proactive in promoting technical and scientific innovation,
while standing against human and environmental exploitation,
violence and all types of inequality.




3D printed bag

The go goals together new bag comes from the idea to combine art, innovation, technology and recoded manufacturing (limited on time) into “talking” physical items.
The 3D printed cover begins with a digital solid model, created through computer-aided design (CAD) software. The aim was to reproduce the Go goals together logo on the design model.




The art of digital personalization

A three-dimensional game

The art of digital personalization requires a huge expertise in creating a file suited for 3D printing, and the ability to produce anything that can be imagined by the customer, rather than limiting designs to production constraints.

Additive manufacturing has been the expression of our vision. By considering a prototype as a product itself we bring a kind of revolution. AM enables completely new levels of design freedom, we can fabricate difficult shapes impossible with other traditional technologies.

In order to face the environmental emergency, we create high value plastic items,
symbolic niched products for occasional events, situations or special gifts.

We imagine a future without over-production and environmentally devastating waste by not holding inventory.
The first way to not produce a waste is not to create it.
Customers develop a genuine bond with their product and this enhances the sense of affection for it.
The result: we help extend the life of a product against a disposable culture.

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