A made to order case

All our items are wearable art
that has been lovingly digital made and printed on order.
We design models and we create them digitally,
through a sartorial process.

Meet our special design clutch
with a special rigid 3d printed case.

The inside leather bag

Designed and manufactured in Italy.

In leather, is the perfect purse
to carry your accessories
safely and comfortably. It is completely versatile.
You could have it in different colors.

The vintage leather strap.
It is lengthened as a cross-body strap for maximum versatility.

Your 3dbag

Strong and flexible,
you can personalize your case.

XYZBAG can create unique,
original and highly customizable bags.

Available as digital products,
variants are specifically designed for 3D printing.

They can be modified through the inclusion
of a logo or image, the creation of personalized wording
and, in a more sophisticated way,
by generating a complex shape
based on your inspiration.

Discover our collection