The best handbag you can use is the one that wears your sign and soul.
A 3d printed bag will do.

We want to transfer your intimate self-expression into a 3D bag, an everyday product that represents you.

You’ll find your style in your emotion.

A fashion statement of yourself.


By taking advantage
of Additive Manufacturing Technology,
XYZBAG can create unique, original
and highly customizable bags.

Available as digital products,
variants are specifically
designed for 3D printing
and can be modified
through the inclusion of a logo or image,
the creation of personalized wording and,
in a more sophisticated way,
by generating a complex shape
based on an inspirational design desired by you.
We personalize your 3D bag.

The Bag we encode is generative:
it has no fixed outcome.

A unique 3D bag for you.


An innovative high-tech 3D bag.

We look for:
fashion pioneers,
curious  people,
selected tastes,
women that dare
the ones that like surprise,
those they are not afraid
to go against the flow,
the ones that are sure of their style.

The incredible possibilities afforded by
3d new technologies 
allowed us to revisit
the tradition of hand-made craft as digital craft
where hand-made is replaced by a code.

We design unique digital 3D bags
through a sartorial approach.


By following the make to order strategy we allow you to purchase products that are customized to your specifications.

We manufacture the end product
once you place the order.

This creates additional wait time for you to receive the product, but at the same time allows for more sustainable approach compared to purchasing from retailers’ shelves.

A printing practices without sacrificing materials and energy.