Limited edition
DIG421 3D printed bag

The Fondazionedig421 was born in the heart of Piemonte
a region in the north-west of Italy from the desire of Tesi Spa
to foster the concept of co-entrepreneurship.

The Digital Innovation gate 421 is a collaborative hub designed as a place of innovation open to the territory but with an international breadth.
It promotes the concepts of “interconnection”, “exchange of know-how” and “collaboration”
that together with the experience of different sector can create processes of

By sharing this entrepreneurial vision the collaboration with xyzbag was born.
The aim was to realize a new bag project concept line, produced in limited edition.

Design, creativity applied to 3D printing technology.

The DIG421 3D bag aims to contaminate and connect different worlds,
such as architecture, design, creativity applied to 3D printing technology, traditional craftsmanship,
the most innovative IOT and RFID solutions and NFT projects based on the Blockchain, all in a single product.
The project aims to recreate on the body of the bag the perspectives
of the architectural project of the Foundation designed by NemesiArchitects.

This building, made up of concrete, steel and glass seeks a close dialogue with the environment,
in an osmotic relationship with nature. Indeed, one of the main objectives pursued in the development of the project
lies on its social sustainability, linked to the well-being of the company’s employees, but also of citizens
who will enjoy the services and public spaces connected to and resulting from the realization of the concept.



The bag is smart

A NFC tag inside

Each bag is made in a limited edition with a native code.
Inside the product it is inserted an NFC tag, readable by smartphone and able to validate in a certain way the authenticity, and the access to a web validation platform. Thanks to the PYB (Protect Your Brand) anti-counterfeiting system, a solution patented by TESISQUARE and distributed by 3RAND UP SOLUTIONS SRL, the mini-bag becomes original and certified through a double key process. Through the card containing the secret token inside, the customer is able to guarantee the ownership of the article becoming the exclusive owner.



3d printed architecture

A three-dimensional game

In the process of reinterpretation of the architectural project and adaptation to the body of the bag, there has been enhanced the movement of the façade to emphasize the offices complex, organized in a modular geometric system, evoking the binary digital language, all connected by a scenic green wall that has a reticular steel structure.
Through a careful simplification of the signs that characterize the different perspectives of the architectural project, the volumes of the building have been reproduced in 1:100 scale in order to create a three-dimensional game that can be seen and esteemed in motion both on the front and on the back of the bag.



The most sophisticated additive technologies.

additive manufacturing

The bag is made through the most sophisticated additive technologies to date. Different layers spread in a powder bed are bound together thanks to binders and detail agents through the infrared light, in order to ensure the maximum level of precision.
Then the cover is treated and painted by hand and assembled to the inside leather bag.
It is made in 2 variants: soft and rigid.



Soft and black too

An innovative 3dprinted bag

Flexible and durable 3D printed bag. It has unique characteristics that make it elastic like rubber, yet durable like plastic. An inedit bag of his cutting-edge designs that has been printed direct to 3Dprinted technology. The result highlights the possibilities of this innovative 3D printing process.