We are all connected.

The design is inspired by the Olympic Games logo.
The rings are interlocking rings, coloured blue, black, and red on the coloured inside leather bag.

The luxury of time.

XYZBAG creates fine premium products that delightfully combine style and craftsmanship, and offer a lifestyle upgrade to innovative luxury.
Our bags are produced on demand.
Exclusively made and hand-designed for you within 3 weeks.

Technology and creativity.

Technological innovation becomes a tool to shape imagination, creating amazing combinations of shapes and colours.
Every person is unique, so all our products are unique.
Each of our 3d printed bag come out from a digital code.
This digital code is digital designed.
And a unique ID is assigned by XYZBAG to each code.

Your text.

A unique work of art that represents your sign and soul.



Sartorial & unique

We create your tech 3d bag

The best handbag you can use is the
one that wears your sign and soul.
Your personalized 3d bag will do.