Dada is reinventing handbags.

The distinguishing feature of this product line is
its absolutely tailor-made digital design.
You could choose among different types of personalization to make unique your 3D bag.

DADA handbags refuse conformity with traditional aesthetics
by showing how far that definition could be stretched and broken,
towards new innovative touch, texture surface and shapes.

Different design options!

XYZBag. Dada 1, 3D handbag designed as unique item, through a co-created digital sartorial manufacturing process.

Would you like a text?

3D printed bag
Smart and tech
Stiff & versatile
The design of a fake closure on the face
The personalized centered text

H12cm x W18cm x D6cm approx.

PRICE: 290 €
Free shipping in Italy!

Would you like a geometrical design?

3D printed bag
Brave and smart
Stiff & versatile
10 custom design on request.

H12cm x W18cm x D6cm approx.

PRICE: 320 €
Free shipping in Italy!

Would you like your inspiration?

Especially yours
Designed on your inspiration
As you want. Black and colored.

H12cm x W18cm x D6cm approx.

PRICE: from 330€
Free shipping in Italy!

A range of innovative and revolutionary personalized 3D bags.

Self Expression Fashion

Italian creative brand

The revolutionary digital craft manufacturing.

XYZbag seeks to create a new
by revisiting the new tools
to personalize a fashion product.

Our goal is to get one style
for each one of you in a 3d printed bag.