A new 3D clutch at MEF for DREAMERS

6-9 OCT, DREAMERS Exhibit
Our 3D design clutches at MEF, in Turin.
We concur to imagine, make, think and renovate fashion.
We would like to immortalize it through words and signs.
Dreamers is a showcase for contemporary artisanal smart fashion: clothes and accessories by independent designers, collectives, art galleries on display and on sale. A selection of 20-30 realities, including brands and ateliers, Italian and international: projects rather than objects, ranging from the creative revision of the traditions to the experimentation with the most varied materials and the most up-to-date technologies.
Between research, innovation and know-how, culture of reuse and sustainability.


Gretel by Ernesto Morales
In this incubator for contemporary art We’ll present a special project developed in collaboration with the Argentinian artist Ernesto Morales. He began his artistic career in Buenos Aires, where he lived until 2005. In 2006 after a short period spent in France, he moved to Italy, first to Rome and, in 2011, to Turin.

An innovative and extraordinary reinterpretation of the recognized “Bosques” series, in a three-dimensional way, powered by 3d printing technology.