Not just a bag

The most advanced prototyping tools to create a 3D bag.
Layer by layer.
DADA is a revolutionary bag produced through a sartorial manufacturing process that starts from a digital file, designed for you.
Your order one, we print one.


By our online easy tool you can configurate your exclusive 3D bag.
Wear a “speaking” bag and share with your friends a piece of you!
Through our configurator you can edit a text.
Three rows and few words to communicate what concept represents you best.

Have you ever thought that an industrial product could become sartorial?
Today prototyping manufacturing tools allow to make this real.

A quote is one of the unlimited possibilities to personalize your 3dbag.
You can also create something different by sending us your idea and we’ll develop for you. A special design for your uniqueness.
Signs of you that you will wear all the day!