What is 3d printing used for?

What is 3d printing used for?

customized handbags to follow your inspiration

The ability for 3D printing is to create items as they are ordered.
We design on demand, through a custom made 3d printing process.

We transform computer models into 3d things, exclusive and luxury customized handbags according to your inspiration.

So proud to be mentioned via Medium among the must have 3d printed accessories as Kinematics dress by Nervous System and the first 3D-printed clothing by Danit Peleg.

Nervous System works at the intersection of science, art, and technology. This innovative studio creates unique design through automotation programs that generate unique patterns turned into jewelry and accessories.

Denit Peleg is a talented fashion designer that has created a series of jackets that could be customized and purchased online.

We create 3d printed accessories for fashion too.

You can choose among our special design bags or customize your own bag online.

We can also design special bags by creating your initials on our bags, that will be 3d printed as well. Fashion tech monogrammed purses handbags, born for you.

Three-D technology is the best technology to allow flexibility, design, and speed to market. We combine the madeinitaly handmade and industrial manufacturing. The clutch is 3D-printed and the inside is sewn in order to create a handcrafted luxury good.

Look at the section design your own handbag or contact us for a special one as Christmas gift!

We’ll be happy to show you are new collection.